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Profile Solutions has planted it's seed into the now expanding cannabis and hemp markets in a big way. Our staff have been key players in winning facility licensing in 5 different states and understand the process like no other organization. Our experience in the trenches is invaluable to our clients and allows us to play at this level. Many call themselves experts in this industry, we are not expert yet, but as a team we understand a little more about the industry than most. 

Our team members have experience in the areas of dispensary and test lab owners, growers, processors, wholesalers, and packaging suppliers as well as being deeply involved in the hemp and hemp derivative industries. This experience sets us apart and allows us to create programs and platforms that meet and exceed our customers needs. 
Some of our staff worked in Colorado and helped to define Bill 1284 (security aspect) when it was introduced and worked directly with MMED State inspectors to help provide insight into the security aspects and how the regulations affect state inspections and the cannabis facility owners as a whole. Many of our reports were supplied at both state and client request to the state inspectors to establish a baseline for inspections and potential weak spots in a given facility and how best to address the issues.
The company also designs, develops, manufacturers and sells security-based video surveillance and identification products and systems that incorporate state-of-art technology to verify a person's identity, or grant physical access to a building or facility. This technology is integrated with our overall solution and creates a 100% tracked material environment for reporting purposes, inspection, and to enable a completely compliant facility. PSI has also created systems for prison/work-release/treatment centers with a fingerprint access control solutions and transportation and cargo tracking for the facilities. 
The company's manufactured and distributed products and extensive list of services include:
1) Biometric or proximity-based access control and time and attendance solutions. 
2) CCTV Video and Audio Surveillance to meet any application or environment.
3) Perimeter control of large facility outdoor grow operations with detailed response plans
4) Veteran designed, custom and emergency response plans based on facility assessment.
5) Tier 1 full assault response teams for overseas operations and deployment.
6) Preparation of complete security plans for any environment.
Cannabis or Hemp Operations:
1) Operational ability to manage and control all types of cannabis or hemp operations including grow, processing, wholesale, retail and packaging facilities.
2) Complete State licensing consultation and application preparation for cannabis operations.
3) Full compliance and pre-inspection services to assure State licensing for all types of facilities.
4) Wholesale of various hemp and hemp derived full spectrum extracted products.
5) Complete Turn-Key set-up of any cannabis or hemp facility type with guaranteed performance milestones.
6) Ability to provide full operations, security, transportation and all other required facility manuals for operations or license submittal. 
7) Can provide wholesale access to hemp seed as well as fiber, clones, legal hemp of all types.
8) We have a network of farmers, processors, and retailers we are connected with and can provide legal cannabis and hemp distribution in any state,
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