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Proteus420 POS Software

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PSI is now selling Proteus420 Seed To Sale tracking software for cannabis facilities of all types.

Proteus420 is the leader and ONLY full functioning dispensary management solution on the market.
Single or multiple locations are not a problem for Proteus420, it will manage all of your locations at once!

    • Proteus420 coupled with Illuminated Hosting has been serving dispensary owners for over 5 years. Together they allow you to truly run your entire businesses in one place. Which Banks & Merchant Service Providers LOVE.
    • ProteusERP encompasses accounting, CRM, inventory, staff / HR, payroll, and more  You can even secure chat with other people in your organization in different locations.
    • Its designed for a business that does online sales or wants to do online sales with a retail location due to we allows both sides to talk with each others inventory in one stream line system.
    • It has a full POS integrated in the system where you can run sales in at the store as well as being done online straight through 1 place so you are not waiting for a syncing or enter them in at the end of the night.
    • Even if you have a basic need for an eCommerce site, we can get you up and running in no time at all and for a very affordable price using our customization platform and time tested shopping cart and accept Visa, Mastercard credit and debit.
    • Our system not only works for most companies "out of the box" but if you have a custom need, why go through years of development and a fortune for a custom system when we can use our customization platform to help you grow your business without limitations?

    • Proteus is an online fully functional ERP with a very low entry price point. With all of the CRM, Accounting, Inventory management and ecommerce and/or POS capabilities, this is the only software your business needs to be successful.

    • SURVEILLANCE:  We would need to know on what they are doing now with their video and who they have as their camera providers and we can help with that process. For the import, we can also do the exports for you (for a fee) and yes, we can do the imports (for a fee).  Video can be stored under Proteus Business Solutions owned data centers http://www.illuminatedhosting.com data is backed up every 15 minutes. 
    • Visa, Mastercard credit and debit cards are enabled within Proteus software for transactions involving the sales of Cannabis (DEA Number 7360 & 7370 | INCB Yellow List - IDS Code: NC 001 and NC 008 or CAS No. 8063-14-7 and 6465-30-1 | INCB Green List – PT 002, PD 010) aka Cannabis, Marijuana, THC, CBD and products containing Marijuana/THC/CBD such as edibles and ointments including industry paraphernalia are accepted by the Acquiring Bank.  Read Attachment for more details.
    • Currently Proteus can push 3/4 more data to all state seed to sale authorized tracking system, even the waste. Bank's can compliantly report to FinCen per their requirements which are surrounded by (AML) Anti-Money Laundering requirements because the are an (MSB) Money Service Business. 

You can experience the efficiency and cost savings that Proteus420 provides for all its clients, instantly.

Interested in seeing a live demo? Contact us today! Please call us directly at 877-749-3533, X118 and ask for Mike.

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