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Pure Hemp Collective Products


Pure Hemp Collective and Vina Bell Brands presenting a complete line of products for the health conscious individual. We are proud to carry this Green Heart style of business platform partner that supports so many aspects of the hemp industry, naturally.


Grandma Vina Bell, is the inspiration for these products. She was a vivacious flapper who once danced with the Ziegfield Follies. Though she was only 4’11”, her personality was larger-than-life and she spread that spark of energy everywhere she went. Vina Bell left behind a legacy of stories and songs that included lessons in plant healing. Her cabinet of plant remedies held the solution for most health problems. Using plants to make salve, or tincture she would always add her most famous words “Put This on Everything”. Vina Bell’s legacy has been renewed by Pure Hemp Collective into a line of hemp extract pure plant products made with only the highest quality ingredients, each one chosen for its own strengths and combined with the intent to bring wellness to body and mind. 


From Terri the CEO of Pure Hemp Collective: 

Vina Bell Brands understands there are many great brand choices for each product you buy. We also know as discerning mothers that not all products are created with intention and sustainability in mind.


We are a company of two moms who are compelled to pull from our past, fully live in our present and motivated by hope for a bright future.


We believe the past holds answers and solutions for our challenges today and tomorrow. We believe our families passed on the responsibility to live out what they learned.


Our Legacy represents hemp extract products that use pure plant remedies that you can feel good about using. All of our products are made with the intent to bring wellness to body and mind. Our goal is to provide products that support our desire to use only the most natural products and make a positive impact on those in need.