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Profile Solutions Inc. provides security and access control consulting services to legal organizations in the cannabis and hemp industries, commercial and industrial manufacturing clients, as well as law enforcement, and federal government agencies.

Our staff has experience in all aspects of security, surveillance, and access control. We have designed and consulted on systems to support the following requirements:

1) Security at all levels for Cannabis Production (Growing), Processing (Concentrate Manufacturer), Dispensary (Retail) as well as Wholesale facilities.

2) Hemp Grow Operations facility protection. Security for hemp operations are a little different than for Cannabis. We understand what is required to protect these prized facilities, their staff and owners. 

3) Increased security for all types of businesses utilizing biometric access control. These systems were designed and a platform developed for operations in many high level environments. 

4) Security camera system design for border control and long range detection with response at up to 10 miles. 

5) We are hidden video surveillance experts, and are able to utilize this technique to gather information that other systems simply cannot capture.

6) We are consultants for operations in many vertical markets and can operate in high risk environments.

7) In order to support a complete platform for state cannabis operations, we have designed a security base protocol that will establish a security baseline for any cannabis operation that will meet regulations as defined by the state, as well as have the ability to expand and adapt with expansion or rule changes.

8) PSI through our partners Proteus420 has added the capability to store recorded video in the "cloud" as required by state regulations for cannabis operations. This service has been added in order to complete our full service cannabis platform.

Our field experience and our association with a top veterans group allows us to consult in security applications in almost any environment on the planet along with the ability to provide standard and custom response manuals based on situational assessment. 

We do our best to understand our clients needs first, then apply the most beneficial plan to meet the requirements. Please call us for more information at 954-232-5363.

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